Oak Hills Vaulting

welcome to the wonderful world of equestrian vaulting

Where Dance And Gymnastics Meet

on top of a moving horse

welcome to oak hills vaulting

Oak Hills Vaulting is proud to be Utah’s oldest equestrian vaulting club. Equestrian vaulting combines gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse. After discovering the sport in the mid 1960’s, Oak Hills has continued to evolve from strength to strength and currently is the home to over 60 vaulters and a half dozen horses.

We offer classes in equestrian vaulting instruction for all experience and skill levels. All classes practice once per week and vaulters also have the opportunity to try their hand at team vaulting and learning new aspects of the sport while testing their balance and coordination with limited horse space and additional vaulters.

Equestrian vaulting can be practiced competitively or on a recreational basis and Oak Hills Vaulting has classes available in many of the equestrian vaulting disciplines. Browse through the site and see why equestrian vaulting is one of the best kept secrets in equestrian sports.

our specialty disciplines

recreational vaulting

The perfect introduction to Equestrian Vaulting, these relaxed classes offer all of the basics for those starting out in the sport, without the commitment of the competitive class.

competitive vaulting

For those wanting to take the next step in their Equestrian Vaulting careers, these classes have a longer duration and increase both the difficulty and intensity.

performance vaulting

Possibly our favorite kind of Equestrian Vaulting. Elegant and adventurous without the pressure of competition, the perfect way to showcase our talents.


upcoming events

there’s always something happening at oak hills

Our next event is the Introduction to Vaulting Clinic on April 5th 2016. Open to all ages and abilities, no prior experience required to take part. A perfect way to try equestrian vaulting for the first time.